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Sertopia, Play-to-earn experience with Addictive mobile games and exclusive NFT collection join our community now!

Sertopia Game

Sertopia is a Play-To-Earn game for android and ios os. play games, join weekly tournaments, spin daily fortune wheel or invite your friend to earn real rewards!

Version : 1.0.5

Background Credit : pavel vophira

Earn real rewards

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Bring your game characters into play

Max supply

Bring your NFTs into game, 10,000 unique STN Sertopia NFTs


Sertopia NFTs are Polygon-based NFTs (using ERC-721 standard) ultimate Play & Earn experience.

Sertopia Roadmap

Release app for Android

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STT Token Launch

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Sertopia Token

The Sertopia Token is a utility token designed to be the currency of purchase, utility and reward in supported play-to-earn games provided on the Sertopia casual gaming platform. Sertopia Token will be provided to players as prizes that are earned in titles played on the Sertopia platform.

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Yes. Sertopia started with 30 games at launch, but the second batch of games will be release and we will be updating the Sertopia experience on a regular basis.

One Person = One Account. This is what we believe is fairest for all our players.
In the following cases, accounts will be banned for the sake of fair competition for all our players:
    One Person = Multiple Accounts. Skilled players are matched with other skilled players, which is the fair system used in any sport, including esports
    One Device = Multiple Accounts. This is very similar to the above situation and is therefore restricted
    Using cheats/bots/emulators. Players should only use their own skills in the games, and no other software should be involved in the process

play games, join weekly tournaments, spin daily fortune wheel or invite your friend and earn ST! Follow our roadmap for more opportunities within Sertopia.

contact us via discord or email : info[@]