Mint NFT For Free!

Free Mint, you can mint NFT For Free If this is your first time Minting NFTs, you may want to consider the following quick tutorials. The following tutorials will help you Mint your STN and bring your NFTs to Sertopia game.

Premium membership

Premium membership of the Sertopia ecosystem, By holding at least 30 NFTs from the Sertopia collection, you will get many benefits, and even in the future, as we have mentioned them in the roadmap, these benefits will increase.

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X2 points

Your points will be multiplied by 2 in all tournaments.


STT tokens

Earn STT tokens By holding STN | 1 STN = 20 STT


Bring it into play

Mint your STN and Bring your NFTs to game


Exclusive Giveaways

Exclusive giveaways and tournaments for owners.

Minting DApp

Get yourself to the Silver level and turn your personal Opensea profile to a STN Collection! Mint right now before it’s too late. Please make sure you are connected to the Polygon Mainnet and the correct address. Adjust Gas Price During High Network Activity,  Adjust gas price set it to aggressive (high) | ZERO RISK IN JOINING!

Contract Source Code Verified by polygonscan. Source code verification providesย transparencyย for users interacting with smart contracts. By uploading the source code, PolygonScan will match the compiled code with that on the blockchain. Just like contracts, a “smart contract” should provide end users with more information on what they are “digitally signing” for and give users an opportunity to audit the code to independently verify that it actually does what it is supposed to do.


+30 Mints = 1,500 STT Tokens & 0 NFT from 3D Collection

..::: Gold :::..

+200 Mints = 10,000 STT Tokens & 2 NFTs from 3D Collection


+90 Mints = 3,000 STT Tokens & 1 NFT from 3D Collection

Invite Your Friends

If you have a Twitter account, you can invite your friends to the free Mint via Twitter to support Sertopia.


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STN = Sertopia NFTs ย |ย  STT = Sertopia Tokens

To bring your NFTs to Sertopia game, do the following steps in order:

  1. Download and install Sertopia game on your device | Download Now
  2. Create your account
  3. Connect your wallet
  4. You can see your NFTs on Profile Section

When you try to mint your NFT, you may get the following error – Unknown Processing Time. Itโ€™s usually because the gas fee limit is set up too low. To solve this issue, you need to first click on Edit. Then click on Edit suggested gas fee and then select high

Unknown processing time ==> Very likely < 15 seconds

In order to view the flow of funds in your accounts, on the Polygon Network, you will need to configure Polygon {testnet, mainnet} URL on Metamask.

There are two ways to do it:

  1. Using Polygonscan
  2. Add the Polygon network manually

The first way:ย 


Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the button Add Polygon Network

Once you click the button you will see a Metamask Notification, now click on Approve. You will be directly switched to Polygonโ€™s Mainnet now in the network dropdown list. You can now close the dialog. If you are facing any issue, Add the Network Manually


The second way :ย 

To add Polygonโ€™s Mainnet, click on the Network selection dropdown and then click on Custom RPC.

You have to have some Matic to mint NFT and pay for small gas. You can buy some Matic from coinbase or binance and so on. or in your Metamask wallet you can swap from (Wrapped ETH, USDT, USDC, SHIB, SOL) to Matic. If you have Ethereum, you can bridge to Polygon and change some ETH to Matic. Bridge assets from ETH > Polygon Chain

If you use Metamsk. Go to the Networks section dropdown and then select Polygon (Matic) Mainnet

Make sure you are connected to the correct network and if you added the network manually make sure you have set it up correctly.

To solve this problem, do the following steps in order:

  1. Enter your NFT page on OpenSea.
  2. Click on refresh metadata icon.
  3. After a few minutes, refresh the page until the NFT is revealed.

Are you a mobile user? You can easily mint STN via your SmartPhone. Read theย quick tutorialย to find out how.

If you are using a computer, this problem will be solved by installing the Metamask wallet. If you are trying to mint using your mobile phone, use kiwi or yandex browser. The tutorial video is placed on this page.

If you do not find the answer to your question, contact us through Discord or email.